Saturday, February 11, 2012

What a corker!

Getting the Cyrus box out of the attic for its return to the shop was enough to shame it back into life. Switching it on again this morning triggered the usual, reassuring sequence of lights and bingo all working perfectly! Never done that before but delighted it did - saved me two hundred quid.

Pity I haven't been so lucky with the next CD. No sign of it yet. I shan't buy any more CDs from Amazon's partners - just not reliable enough. I'm now having to make my next choice without yet having received the last.

Aaron Copland was a very modern American composer: born in Brooklyn, openly gay and with the extraordinary ability of capturing the essence of the new world in his music.

The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Michael Tilson Thomas in 1999 recorded two of Copland's ballets: Appalachian Spring and Billy The Kid, for RCA (RCA Red Seal 09026-63511-2). Described by the Gramophone guide as boasting opulent, exhilarating and expansive sonics and as a corker of a release, this is a must have - amazingly just £3.49 from Amazon.

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